30 lucky people will get the chance to strap on a Black Diamond headlamp and head into the forest to search for Black Diamond gear hidden in the woods with reflective tape.

Each person is limited to one item, so everyone will take home an awesome prize. The contest will get started right after the evening mountain bike film “Life Cycles” at around 9:50 p.m. on Saturday night in front of the beer garden.

To participate, meet in the meadow following the Life Cycles film and draw from a bowl of numbers. Those who receive a number of 1-30 will get to go on the hunt! The prizes are AWESOME!

Here are six of the 30 Black Diamond prizes that will be hidden in the woods:

There are 30 prizes just like these ones from Black Diamond that will be hidden with reflective tape in the woods the night of Spokatopia Day 1 (July 13).

Thanks to our Sponsor, Black Diamond!