Join yoga teacher Christina on both festival mornings for a free yoga session! On Saturday at 9 a.m., awaken from head to toe with a Vinyasa flow class, appropriate for all skill levels. On Sunday at 9 a.m., join for yoga focusing on run and ride recovery.

These yoga session are for ALL LEVELS OF EXPERIENCE! Yoga sessions will take place outdoors in the Spokatopia meadow under festival tents, so no matter what mother nature springs on us, you’ll stay dry. Bring a yoga mat if you have one. More info on Yoga sessions below.

Saturday Flow Yoga, 9 a.m.

Come join a fun Vinyasa flow class Saturday with a focus on Sun Salutations A and B. Learning how to properly breathe with your movement and achieve correct alignment before depth with each pose. This class is designed for all, from the beginner to the everyday yogi.  With modifications and variations of Sun Salutations, your entire body will awaken from head to toe, moving through your mind, body and spirit.

Sunday Post-Run/Ride Yoga, 9 a.m.

Come join a yoga class designed for a Post-Run or Ride focusing on the main muscles that have worked very hard to help you make it across the finish line in a race or a goal you have set for yourself. In this class you will learn to slow your breathing and heart rate, leaving your Yan work out on the mat. Each pose will reach the fascia, ligaments, and joints. All are welcome in this class.

About the Yoga Instructor

Christina is native to the PNW with a career of 18 years as an Emergency Medical Technician and 6 years as a Structural and Wildland FireFighter. The stress of this lifestyle of helping others, mostly in life and death situations, took a toll on her mental health and physical body. After realizing there was something missing, Christina decided to start her journey with yoga by practicing at home about 7 years ago. Each day she would wake up and try new poses. Even her kids would join her during her practice. With 4 kids her yoga mat has had a kid at the feet asking lots of questions, lined with HotWheel cars/trucks and Barbies manipulated into Down Dog. It was always an adventure to get to her mat at home. During this time, Christina also became a life coach. Almost three years ago Christina decided to deepen her knowledge and take her practice to a hot yoga studio.  Deeping her practices and longing for more, she took steps towards RYT-200hour Teacher Training and graduated in the Winter of 2019. Christina is now an RYT Yoga teacher and life coach.

If you can’t find Christina in a yoga studio or at Bloc Yard Bouldering Gym it’s because she is lost in the woods surrounded by rocks or water by day, a campfire by night with family and friends, or somewhere off the grid. Her family means everything and she enjoys teaching each one of her kids how to find balance in life. Every day is a new adventure for her.
“Get comfortable being uncomfortable” is Christina’s favorite quote she learned from her home practices and you can hear her quoting this in her teaching of yoga and everyday living.

You can find Christina’s yoga classes at Bloc Yard Bouldering Gym in the morning and or request  private home lessons. Christina is on FaceBook or Instagram (Climb4Me). She is looking forward to joining you in your practice and getting to know you!