2024 Spokatopia MTB Demos

This year we have traditional and electric-assist demo mountain bikes and gravel bikes from North Division Bicycle, SOLNIX (aka Shred Sports), and The Bike Hub. Bikes will include the Northwest Pivot demo fleet and Trek, Transition, Giant and possibly a few other bike brands. Evergreen East will also have a demo fleet of youth-sized mountain bikes on hand (Co-Op Cycles bikes from REI). To demo bikes, you need to have a Spokatopia Demo Pass or Gold Pass and treat the demo bikes with respect. A picture ID and signed waiver are required for all demos.

The entire Northwest Pivot demo bike fleet returns to Spokatopia, along with another 10 or so bikes from Pivot and Shred (aka Solnix) that will be added to this list as we get more info.

Shadowcat – DF

Trail 429 – Blue v3 carbon wheels
Switchblade – New Green
Switchblade – Talon Pink
Shadowcat – DF
New Mach 4SL – Green

e/Vault – Black e/MTB
Trail 429 – Silver
Firebird 29 – Silver Sunset
Shadowcat – Blue
Switchblade – New Blue v3
Shuttle SL e/MTB
Shuttle AM e/MTB – White

Switchblade – Blue w/ Live + Carbon
Switchblade – Black New v3
Trail 429 – L Blue
Trail 429 – L Green
Shadowcat – Blue
29″ Firebird – MetalGr v3 New
Vault – New/red (SAM)
Shuttle SL e/MTB
Shuttle AM e/MTB – Blue
Shuttle LT e/MTB – Green
LES Fat – Green
Old Shuttle AM – Green

Trail 429 – Silver

The Bike Hub will have bikes from their rental fleet on hand for demo, including:

Trek Rail 7 – S, M, L, XL
Transition Relay – M, L, XL
Transition Patrol – S, M, L
Transition Spire – M, L, XL
Trek Slash – M, L, XL
Heckler SL – S, M, L

North Division Bicycle Shop plans to bring a mix of these electric-assist and traditional “acoustic” Trek mountain bikes and gravel bikes.

Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 gravel bike in these sizes: 49, 52 ,54, 56, 58, 60

Trek Fuel EX 7 GEN 6 mountain bikes in these sizes: S, M, M/L, L, XL

Trek Rail 7 GEN 2 long-travel electric assist mountain bikes in these sizes: S, M, L, XL