Family/Passenger Drop-Off

Head into the Camp Sekani parking lot and proceed straight ahead and to the left to the upper lot. Stop at the Family/Passenger Drop-Off sign to unload your passengers/gear. Then the driver can continue back out of the lot and park at one of the below parking options and return to find their people.

Roadside Parking East & West of the Camp Sekani Park Entrance

Anywhere there isn’t a cone or “no parking sign” on the side of E Upriver Drive that has enough room for you to park and safely exit your vehicle is open for parking. We have a permit to close the bike lane and re-route bike traffic to the Centennial Trail for this event.

Shields Park/Minnehaha (.8-mile west)

A little over a half of a mile west of Camp Sekani, there is a small paved parking lot at Shields Park, with a much larger dirt lot next to it just to the west with parking for dozens of vehicles. Park there and cross E Upriver Drive to bike or walk to Camp Sekani on the Centennial Trail.

Pasadena Elementary Park & Bike/Walk Location (1-mile east)

One mile east of Camp Sekani Park is Pasadena Elementary (8508 E. Upriver Drive) on the south side of E Upriver Drive, where we have permission for event attendees to park for carpooling or to then bike or walk the 1 mile back to Camp Sekani.

Avista Utilities Parking Lot (5 miles west)

The Avista Utilities parking lot at 1411 E Mission Ave, accessed off of N Perry, is 5 miles west from Camp Sekani and is an official park and bike/carpool location for Spokatopia 2022. Park and carpool with others or bike on the Centennial Trail to Camp Sekani.